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Since found in 2002 in Michigan, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has infested trees in Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Missouri, Virginia, Minnesota, New York, Kentucky, and West Virginia as well as in Ontario, Canada. For a while though, EAB had not yet been discovered in New Jersey, UNTIL now! Foresters/arborists have been watching for this destructive pest. Often this insect inhabits an area for several years before detected. It has infested over milllions of ash trees, many of which have died. Here is the latest news on these destructive critter!

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This incurable plant disease that has infected an estimated 39 percent of oaks statewide. The economic impact of this disease could be devastating to municipal budgets in New Jersey as trees will need to be pruned and in many cases removed. The aesthetic impact of this disease will be felt throughout New Jersey's affected municipalities, as large tree removals will change the character of neighborhoods, and replacement trees will take decades to grow to the size of the trees that were removed. There is no cure for Bacterial Leaf Scorch, but with proper management affected trees can often be maintained for many years. 
Agricultural agents are determining proper management methods and educating tree-care professionals in these methods.


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